A modern service for accepting payments for business Ecommerce (payments on websites), transfers, QR, invoicing

Payment service, which in 2023 received an award in the nomination "Leading technologies and innovations" at the "FinAwards 2023" ceremony

Provides the ability to connect business customers to GooglePay, ApplePay and MasterPass. Supports all types of payments and easily integrates with any business: online stores and self-developed sites, mobile applications, chatbots in various messengers and QR codes using API.
Has the ability to accept regular payments, split them, works worldwide, and has invoicing. Suitable for popular SMS and SaaS solutions.






  • Among the developers, a goal was set to create a convenient and fast payment service that could provide the most advanced possibilities for receiving payments with support for all modern technologies.
  • Would have a convenient personal account that satisfies all the customer's needs in terms of sending, receiving, and processing payments in the shortest possible time with a high level of security for both parties.
  • With the rest, as a result of the development, we managed to create a service where:
  • Ready-made plagiarism provides an easy connection of the service to popular systems of online stores, which leads to a quick launch of the site and obtaining the first profit
  • The open API provides rapid development of own payment solutions, which allows solving the problem of "individuality" of business for the client and in relation to the client's goals
  • A wide range of functions allows you to easily and effectively manage the finances of an online merchant
  • The unique split payment feature helps marketplaces make their service attractive
  • The invoicing feature allows you to accept payments without setting up a store, which is very attractive for social media merchants
  • The functionality of the QR terminal becomes indispensable for individual traders of markets and other places of mass trade, which makes business more modern

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    As a result, the project is currently:
  • It has the option of invoicing, which will be needed by those businesses that need to accept payment by card today without a payment button on the site to accept card payments without finalizing the site or before payment, the manager must check the order, conditions, or availability of the product
  • It has the ability to set up regular payments, which will allow automatic debiting of payments from the client's cards
  • It has a split service that will help businesses increase sales conversion. Buyers will be able to choose several products from different suppliers on the site and pay a single amount and the distribution of the amount between suppliers and partners will be provided by FastPay
  • It has a QR-code payment service, which ensures the acceptance of payments on the website, in social networks, in messengers, and in offline points of sale without the use of POS terminals.
  • The QR code is generated in the seller's smartphone and is valid until successful payment is received
  • Has the ability to receive information about the status of payments online via email or Telegram, as well as track their progress
  • Has the option of setting up partial or full refunds
  • It has a convenient personal account that allows you to control payments, generate statements and reports, analyze sales, and manage several projects at once in one place with flexible accounting and setting options
  • Has a high level of security provided by 3D-Secure and confirmed by PCI DSS, PCI PIN Security, and PCI 3DS auditors
  • It has the ability to launch Internet acquiring on websites, mobile applications, and social networks
  • Has the function of connecting to all sites hosted on popular CMS
  • It is possible to connect and activate the payment system in 24 hours
  • Provides the ability to connect business customers to GooglePay, ApplePay, and MasterPass
  • Easily integrates with online stores and self-developed sites, mobile applications, chatbots in various messengers, and QR codes using API.
  • Suitable for popular SMS and SaaS solutions
  • Works all over the world (cards and bills can be in any currency, the system automatically converts them into UAH and credits to the recipient's account, if the money needs to be returned, then, on the contrary, it converts the UAH and other currency).


In addition, the owner receives banking and technical support 24/7 at various stages of working with the system — from registration, connection and configuration to ensuring payments and solving non-standard issues.

In addition, the payment system works transparently and honestly without subscription and hidden fees.






Prospects and development plans:

The possibility of adapting Internet acquiring to a specific business opens up new horizons for the development of Internet trade with a significant expansion of the client base and an increase in profits, thanks to the functionality of speeding up and processing of received payments, a convenient interface for their control and services that ensure the convenience of both regular and one-time payments.



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FastPay - Internet acquiring, which is one of the key parts of the first open fintech ecosystem in Ukraine, Concord Fintech Solutions.

Whom the product will help: Online merchants (from small online stores to marketplaces and payment portals).