Decision-making service

Ensures obtaining information on the client from various sources and making a decision on it and the credit limit, which allows you to create a high-quality credit portfolio, through better automated consideration of loans, a reliable and high-quality customer base

Among the developers, the goal was to create a program that could quickly, efficiently and reliably provide a process of interaction with various systems for systematization, receipt and transfer of customer data, followed by decision-making, regarding the issuance of a loan and optimal calculation of the limit, minimizing risks on both sides.

In the end, we managed to develop software that effectively performs functions such as:

  • Initiates the process of interfacing with various systems to receive and transmit customer data
  • Ensures the decision to interact with the client
  • Calculates the amount of the credit limit and so on

The following was involved in the creation process: 

 Java 11+, Hibernate, Spring frameworks, RabbitMQ, Kafka, GraphQL/REST API, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

Thanks to the developed software, the flexible service allows you to create a smart decision-making model, calculate limits, reduce the percentage of non-repayment of the credit limit, improve the client base, which significantly increases the quality of the "client" portfolio for business, making it even more profitable

Who would benefit from the product:

  • Banks
  • Credit companies
  • Microfinance organizations
  • Other financial sector companies whose activities are related to loans and credits